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Legal support of labor relations
Legal support of labor relations

Сompany success directly depends on the approach to organizing cooperation with the team

Labor law regulates the relationship between companies and employees. The task of lawyers is to build and formalize a harmonious relationship between the employer and employees, taking into account the interests of both parties and legal requirements.

GELINGEN IMMER consultants provide services for:

  • development of labor contracts, internal policies and regulations;
  • organization of personnel documentation - will develop orders for hiring, dismissal, transfer, vacations, business trips, material liability of employees and other documents depending on the client's needs;
  • organization of the hiring and firing process;
  • support for the dismissal of management positions and / or massive redundancies;
  • legal advice on resolving labor disputes.

Special feature of the GELINGEN IMMER is the expertise in the employment of foreigners.

GELINGEN IMMER consultants provide services for:

  • Solving migration issues and migration problems of non-residents in Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens abroad.
  • Obtaining work permits.
  • Preparation of the necessary documents.
Let's build a legal relationship between business and team!
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