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Search and recruitment of talents for projects
Search and recruitment of talents for projects

Outstaffing – opportunity to attract any specialist for your project, reduce the payroll and taxes.

Outstuffing is a method of attracting employees to an organization, which involves hiring an employee by a consulting company to actually perform tasks on a client company's project.

Outstaffing is best suited for working in a project format. In the case when it is necessary to perform a certain amount of specific work, and it is not advisable to keep such an employee on the staff.

In the GELINGEN IMMER outstaffing model, the entire scope of work is controlled by the client company. At the same time, the search, selection of candidates, personnel records, payroll and deductions from it are carried out by our company.

Outstaffing cooperation with GELINGEN IMMER includes:

  1. Executions of contract for services for the provision of personnel for a specified period.
  2. Hiring GELINGEN IMMER employees, that are needed for the client for a specified period.
  3. Registration of relations with an employee, strict compliance of the labor laws and conditions specified by the client.

Each client company is assigned with a personal manager who carries out daily communication and promptly resolves any issues.

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