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Lie detection screening
Lie detection screening

Polygraph examinations will protect the company from hiring unethical candidates.

Polygraph examination is one of the tools for testing candidates before employment, periodical employees examination or conducting official investigations.

Polygraph - is a special device that registers changes in physiological processes - heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, sweating during the interview. The nature of the changes signals the truth or false of the answers to the questions asked.

Polygraph examinations will protect the company from hiring unethical candidates, will detect not only experience but also a tendency to dishonest, illegal actions or abuses.

We recommend to use polygraph screening to monitor integrity, honesty and loyalty of candidates and / or employees who will have or already have access to property and / or trade secrets.

GELINGEN IMMER specialists are qualified polygraph experts with experience in law enforcement and specializations in labor law.


  • list of questions for screening preparation;
  • conducting candidates examination;
  • periodical scheduled or unscheduled employees testing;
  • conducting official investigations.
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