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Strategic planning
Strategic planning

Strategy is the foundation of any company, a business driver and a guideline.

The strategy defines the mission and goals of the organization, as well as the intentions to use its resources: the skills and knowledge of its team, financial and tangible assets to achieve them.

GELINGEN IMMER experts provide:

  • comprehensive market analysis;
  • research and definition of several alternative strategic objectives;
  • selection of the most promising and solving the issue of allocating resources in the organization to achieve the selected goals.

The strategy gives answers to important questions:

Mission: What's your business ? Or what kind of business should your organization do?

Vision: Where do you want to be?

Starting point: How are you doing? What's going well? What's not so good?

Retrospective: How did you come to this point? What went well? What went wrong?

Goal: How can you improve your situation? What are your options?

Risks: What can prevent you from getting there?

Tactics: What do you need to do to get there?

Limits: What shouldn't you do?

GELINGEN IMMER services for strategy development and implementation include:

  • Research of the market and client company. business processes.
  • Conducting strategic sessions.
  • Defining strategic goals.
  • Strategy development.
  • Systematic meetings with managers of the client company.
  • Reports and statistics review in the process of implementing the strategy.
  • Implementation control.
  • Providing recommendations for activities optimization in order to achieve set goals.
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