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Accounting is a necessary daily routine.

Daily accounting and transactions record is a routine, laborious process, takes a lot of time, requires high qualifications, as well as monitoring of constant changes in the Ukrainian legislation and prompt adjustment of accounting in accordance with them.

Benefits of accounting outsourcing:

  • cost reduction without loss in accounting quality and accuracy;
  • lack of necessity to select and hire accountants;
  • ability to effectively scale business;
  • no software costs;
  • accounting optimization.

GELINGEN IMMER accountants provide:

  • Keeping records in accounting software products - 1C "Accounting".
  • Communication with counter-parties.
  • Collection of incoming source documents.
  • Source documents verification and reflection in the accounting system.
  • Internal source documents preparation and recognition: registration of business trips, waybills, write-offs and transfers of goods and materials.
  • Bank accounts administration.
  • Preparation of payment orders and / or applications required for payments.
  • Communication with servicing banks.
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