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Payroll accounting
Payroll accounting

Salary calculation and payment require regularity, accuracy and efficiency.

Payroll accounting outsourcing is the complex support of salary and other payments stipulated by labor or civil contracts.

The benefits of payroll accounting outsourcing for both small and large enterprises are resource savings and freedom to focus on developing core business processes.

The GELINGEN IMMER team of accountants has accumulated experience, regularly monitors changes in legislation, improves qualifications on an ongoing basis and works with uptodate software.

All calculations are made in accordance with the accounting policy of the client company.

GELINGEN IMMER accountants provide:

  • payroll calculation twice a month - advance payment and final payment;
  • calculation of bonuses, overtime, compensation and other payments stipulated by the employment contract or the client company's remuneration system;
  • calculation of vacation and sick leave payments;
  • making final settlements upon employees dismissal;
  • calculation of fiscal and other contributions from the remuneration under civil law contracts;
  • calculation of personal income tax on calculating additional benefits;
  • preparation of payroll records and ensuring their distribution among employees;
  • providing clarifications on the calculation of salaries and taxes;
  • preparation and submission of mandatory reporting to government agencies;
  • preparation of bank information for the transfer of salaries to employees;
  • collection of documentation required for payroll accounting;
  • preparation of detailed reports on salaries, taxes and other charges;
  • preparation of transactions report for subsequent uploading to the accounting system of the client company;
  • preparation of documents for tax audits.
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