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Workplace safety system organisation
Workplace safety system organisation

Workplace safety system guarantees safety of the employer and employees.

Workplace safety is a complex of technical and legal requirements for the organization of labor at an enterprise.

The requirements are clearly regulated by legislation, regulations and standards and differ depending on the specifics of the industry. Proper organization and adherence to the requirements guarantee the safety of both workers and employers.

Outsourcing workplace safety and fire safety organization guarantees the reduction of occupational risks and the creation of an effective labor protection system in the organization.

Their high-quality implementation requires deep professional training, knowledge of the legislation requirements, regulations and standards.

GELINGEN IMMER services include:

  • Expert advice on the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On labor protection", ISO 45001: 2018, health and safety management system, OHSAS 18001: 2007, changes and amendments to the legislative framework.
  • Documentation on labor protection, fire safety and electrical safety development.
  • Conducting a labor protection audit - a comprehensive, independent verification working conditions compliance with legal requirements.
  • Conducting a fire safety audit - a professional assessment of an enterprise level of protection from fire and compliance with requirements and rules.
  • Organization of training in workplace protection and safety measures for managers and employees.
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