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Talent acquisition
Talent acquisition

Finding the right candidates, building a team, and retaining them is challenging and important

The modern business environment is global competition, a lightning-fast changing environment and a war for talents.

Talent acquisition outsourcing will provide a highly qualified, standardized, in-depth selection of candidates who will not only fill a position, but also effectively solve needed tasks.

Personnel search by GELINGEN IMMER specialists includes:

  • A standardized approach to the search and selection of highly qualified specialists.
  • Objective professional testing of soft and hard skills, psychological assessment of personality typology, intelligence level and communication / management style of applicants in accordance with the client's requirements.
  • Recommendations and professional achievements of applicants at previous jobs confirmation.
  • Arranging interviews and assisting the client at his interview.
  • Supporting the dismissal process from a previous job of an approved applicant.
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