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Financial activities management
Financial activities management

CFO organizes efficient management of the business financial resources .

A high qualified CFO ensures the stability and continuity of the company's financial flows and activities.

An outsourced CFO will become a valuable part of your business infrastructure.

Chief financial officer:

  • Plans and controls financial flows.
  • Coordinates the implementation of accounting, tax and investment policies of the company.
  • Manages assets and liabilities of the company.
  • Monitors the implementation of financial plans and budgets.
  • Distributes funds.

The advantages of CFO services outsourcing are the ability to attract a high-level specialist, use his experience gained while working on other similar projects, the ability to make well considered decisions due to the reports provided by the CFO, as well as access to the latest technologies and information systems.

GELINGEN IMMER CFOs provide your company with:

  • preparation of financial statements and compliance with all legal requirements;
  • development and implementation of reporting in accordance with international standards;
  • supervising and guiding your finance team on the following major operations - accounting, invoicing, payments, asset management;
  • advising on cash flow management and seeking additional funding sources;
  • preparation of substantiated monthly, quarterly and annual reports for various stakeholders;
  • identification and oversight of key performance indicators, reporting on deviations and necessary measures to avoid them;
  • efficient budget management and regular monitoring;
  • participation in board meetings.
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